A place where people don't just stay. They THRIVE. Together.

When a team is working – firing on all cylinders – It feels like magic.

And when it’s not…it weighs on every interaction, every decision, every part of your day.

We believe the “magic” behind high-performing, high-trust teams isn’t elusive. It’s something a team builds together through intentional, yet unfussy, practices.

Creating a culture where your team thrives isn’t a one-time event. It’s built on day-to-day actions and interactions, just like any other set of relationships in your life. When you commit to a set of habits, routines and practices, you unlock the full potential of your entire team.

KBD Consulting helps you create an environment where people feel seen, heard and valued. Where people learn and grow together. Where mistakes, missteps and messy human interactions are not just acknowledged as real, but understood to be part of the learning.

Direct Approach, Direct Results.

Our consulting is direct, practical, and actionable. We’re committed to making common sense common practice.

Kathleen Dalen speaking

Our Services

  • Performance coaching for executives and leadership teams.
  • Designing and facilitating performance coaching programs.
  • Crafting professional development approaches and strategies focused on talent growth and retention, relationship development, and repair and effective communication.
  • Developing and facilitating strategies to foster employee agency and engagement.
Organizational Design

  • Designing and supporting talent practices, including talent review, succession planning, performance competency models and reimagining team and organizational structure.
  • Building internal capacity in talent practices.
  • Aligning performance management with feedback strategies, tools and frameworks. 
  • Board development, including creation of Board and Leadership Team Operating Norms and Expectations, design of protocols and practices that support effective governance.
Strategy & Learning
  • Designing and facilitating processes and practices to develop and refine strategy to ensure a disciplined and intentional alignment between vision, strategy and results.   
  • Creating approaches to learning that build feedback loops, strengthen performance and increase impact.
  • Cultivating and facilitating learning communities focusing on innovation, growth mindset and inclusion and belonging.
  • Curating, convening and facilitating a speaker series to foster a learning culture.
Family Philanthropy

  • Creating and refining a philanthropic strategy that aligns values, vision and legacy to achieve desired impact.
  • Developing effective communication practices within multigenerational families using philanthropic strategy and family systems psychology.
  • Building trust across multigenerational families.
  • Coaching on relationship repair practices.

Kathleen Boyle Dalen

Dr. Kathleen Boyle Dalen, Founder and Principal of KBD Consulting, is a psychologist with deep experience in strategy & learning, organizational design & culture and partnership development. She has 20 years of experience as a C-suite leader including as Chief Talent, Integration and Culture Officer at the Kauffman Foundation. As a design partner and coach to leaders and teams, her professional reach includes:

  • Philanthropy
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • For-profit and start-up enterprises
  • Academic and cultural institutions

Kathleen teaches in the Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University and speaks nationally on topics including organizational culture, partnership development, resiliency and growth mindset.

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