There’s a common thread I see across teams right now. The desire to reset. Redefine.  Reconnect, reflect on where we’ve been, what’s served us and what hasn’t.

Teams are interrogating old norms and ways of working. We’re sifting through habits and practices, much like trying on old clothes. What still fits? What’s too constricting now? What’s missing? What feels like a costume from some earlier version of yourself, no longer how you see yourself?

As we do that sorting, we also have an opportunity to design practices and habits to support the future we’re building together. Notice I didn’t say “redesign.” Yes, I see the value of looking at what’s been in place and asking what still works/what doesn’t? AND I see the value in confronting the blank page. As a team. And asking, what are our core values for the future we’re building together and what observable, repeatable practices will we put in place to live those values?

How can you hook those new habits or practices to existing processes to make them extra sticky? Here’s what it might look like to link new practices with existing processes:

Performance management/Feedback/Annual reviews. If you value curiosity and learning, can you structure your performance management processes and incentives around generating actionable insights? Including learning from failure?

Recurring meetings. If you value inclusivity, what practices can you use consistently to create space for all voices and points of view?

Communication What are your internal communication vehicles and how can you speak to one of your values – or celebrate a colleague who demonstrates your values – consistently?

What are your other recurring processes? Celebrations? Board meetings? How can you connect your values in a meaningful way to recurring processes that are already part of the way you work?

And, what’s missing? Is there one new recurring event or process you want to launch  to support your values? Maybe it’s time to institute a quarterly Fail Fest. Those values that you took time to develop need you to breathe oxygen into them and that happens through regular practice.

Three other things on my mind this week. Five ways to de-stress (love the 3 Ws – walk, water, window). I may have to try these smores blondies. What to say when you don’t know what to say (more for me!).